About Us

Suriyage goes always ahead at every turn…

Five decades in Cycling Suriyage made a name not by sheer coincidence but by their gut feelings to venture into diverse paths where others dare to travel. In the 80’s the bicycle was just a mode of transport and travel. The “all steel bicycle” was the order of the day, and light-weight aluminium cycles were hardly seen in the country. Suriyage made a significant move in the 80s by importing light weight high end branded bicycles and parts from France, Italy, and Japan. This made a significant change in the field of cycling, giving opportunity for the customers to have the choice to go for latest hi tech products available in the international markets.

In 90’s cycling as a sport was yet to reach greater heights to be on par with international standards. A new era is revived in road cycling with hi - tech bicycles and parts being freely available in the market inspiring the Sri Lankan riders to be on a winning streak bagging   medals at international level. We envisioned this new status core by making the man and machine to be compatible in order to compete with the world. This is called the most vibrant times in cycling in Sri Lanka where everyone harnessing and contributing to develop cycling as a sport. The change came after we introduce hi end brands of repute to Sri Lanka like  Mercier, Peugeot, Omega, Colon ago, Gitani, Bridgestone, and Shimano a few to mention.

In the 20th millennium, trend setter in the market taking another twist with the change of the mindset of the cyclists. Thus, we are gearing our status core to harness the new direction for cycling in Sri Lanka. We always take the turn first to give what the cyclists want and not what we want to sell them, when our customers change their direction we change with them. Another era born, cycling is no more poor man’s vehicle it is moving towards shaping the physic and health of the mankind. Presently, recreational cycling becoming the new trend setter in cycling. We are moved and Bianchi is added to our product catalogue to give our customers “the best and nothing but the best” in products. For us, this is not a mere slogan, but true in word and indeed. Down the line you are sure to get some surprises….await the prime time show from “Suriyage.” Coming soon…….

Our core values are: Integrity, loyalty and sportsmanship

“We ride ahead with a touch of class”

                               Amal Suriyage